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About Baschi, Italy
Baschi is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Terni in the Italian region Umbria, located about 50 km southwest of Perugia and about 35 km northwest of Terni. ..
Baschi also known as...
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La Tana dell'Istrice (The porcuspine's lair) originated in wine producer Sergio Mottura's decision to transform the original family home into a small and welcoming hotel, where you may enjoy the quit of a...
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Baschi town centre is within a 10 minute drive....
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Guests can enjoy drinks at the Country House Il Fontanile's bar. Montecchio town centre is within an easy 10 minute drive. The hotel is animal friendly....
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The River Tiber feeds a lake, its waters snuggling among the hillsides to create landscapes of rare beauty. Lake Corbara, between Orvieto and Todi, lies in a part of Umbria which embraces the true essence of...
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